Exhibition Design
Matthew Ashton
BETA SPACE. Regeringsgatan 42, Stockholm
Commisioned by
The Royal Institute of Art and Newsec
Exhibition Period
June 9, 2016 until June 30, 2016


"Nobody Here Knows what it Means Anymore..." Installation at the BETA SPACE in Stockholm. 


Nobody here knows what it means anymore.

Words, places, things.
Curated memories of the past.
Premeditated dreams for the future.

In a world fueled by hype, novelty and innovation we have now come to realise that nothing genuinely new can ever happen anymore. The end of history has emancipated us from the heavy expectations of progress and the grand narratives of modernity, but has left us in an endless spin. The straight line has become a circle - a delineated arc of perceived freedom endlessly propelling us around its resolute orbit. An enclosed sphere of production, reproduction and consumption in which the divisions between each activity are becoming increasingly diffuse. The ‘knowledge economy’ never freed us from the factory floor but simply expanded it to encompass the globe, transforming every conceivable human activity into an effective output; data to be measured, recorded, quantified, monetized, copied, shared, and saved in the cloud for eternity. 

There is no escape, no way out, and nowhere to hide. All we can do is follow the elliptical trajectory and play the game. To produce, reproduce and consume. Making copies of copies of copies. Variation upon variation upon variation upon variation.

Until we are exhausted...