Workshop / Exploratory Walk
Tallinn, Estonia
October, 2015
Peter Lang
Frances Hsu
Nicholas Boyarski
Maros Krivy
Stalker Rome / Osservatorio Nomade: Francesco Careri, Aldo Innocenzi, Lorenzo Romito, Pia Livia, Giulia Fiocca. 
KKH/MAA: Matthew Ashton, Sofie Tolf, Dick Hedlund, Marianne Skaarup, Henrique Pavao, Marta Gil, Juanma Gonzalez, Leire Mesa.
As well as Jason Coleman, Alessandro Floris and students of architecture from Oxford Brookes, Aalto University and the Estonian Art Academy. 



Stalker Walk Stalker: Tallinn - Maardu - Jägala


In October of 1995, a small band of Romans, artists, architects, and others with great knowledge of the sprawling Italian capital embarked on a trip around Rome, walking only the areas in abandonment. Struck by the similarity to the film Stalker, a reporter, as legend has it, mentioned that their trip circling the Italian capital reminded him of the 1979 Tarkovsky film, "Stalker." From then on the collective assumed this name, walking cities in Europe, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, the Americas, while returning time and again back to Rome.

Now, 20 years after Stalker's historic walk around Rome, comes the event everyone has been waiting for: STALKER WALK(s) STALKER, tracing Tarkovsky's historic sets shot in Tallinn and in the surrounding countryside. This will be the first of a series of Topo-mythic walks conducted by members of the original Roman group through the Baltic region. Not just a homage to the filmmaker, but more like visitation: a introspective, spiritual immersion into a world, "outside the contemporary."